Take Action

Check out the list below for ways you can take action to improving biking in Hawke’s Bay.

comment on plans

Our local, regional and national governments are regularly developing plans that affect biking. Providing feedback on these plans is an important way to have your voice heard. Bike Hawke’s Bay writes submissions for plans on behalf of its members, but you can also submit individually. 

Upcoming plans:

connect with us

We’re stronger together! Click here to discover the various ways to get involved with Bike Hawke’s Bay.

join the cycling action network (can)

CAN is the national voice for people on bicycles in New Zealand. They do important work for bicycling on the national level.

reach out to your representatives

Ask your elected leaders what they are doing to improve biking and active transport in our community. Tell them why it should be a priority – the more people they hear from, the more likely they are to take action.

write to local media

Opinion pieces in local publications are a good way to get your message out to more people.

ride your bike!

There are strength in numbers! The more bicyclists are on the road, the more “normal” it becomes, and drivers are more likely to watch for people on bikes. The government also collects data on the number of people who ride bikes to work and school, which they use to make important decisions, such as whether to dedicate funding to more bike infrastructure projects.